• Wire mesh china


    It’s made with choice low carbon steel wire, through wire drawing, acid washing and rust removing, annealing and coiling. Its mainly used in construction, handicrafts, woven wire mesh, express way fencing mesh, packaging of products and other daily uses.

    Size range: BWG 8-BWG 22

    Zinc coat: 45-180g/m2

    Tensile strength: 350-550N/mm2

    Elongation: 10%

  • Fence Panel

    Fence Panel

    Fence is a welded mesh fencing system for residential, commercial and industrial fencing projects.

    Fence consists of panels, posts, steel brackets, gates and other accessories, all galvanized and powder coated and available in more than eight different colors. 

    3D Fence: Usually use galvanized material rather than black material, which can improve the anti-rust ability.

  • Accessories


    Accessories are made of galvanized steel and powder coated making them resistant and long lasting.

  • Hexagonal Wire Netting

    Hexagonal Wire Netting

    Hexagonal Wire Mesh is used for feeding chicken, ducks, goose, rabbits and the fence of zoo, etc. Wire netting with hexagonal opening offers good ventilation and fencing uses.

    It can be fabricated into gabion box – one of the most popular wire products for flood control. Then stones are put into it. Laying of gabion make a wall or bank against water and flood. Stainless Steel Hexagonal Wire Mesh is also welded into poultry netting for breeding of chicken and other poultry.

  • Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence is produced with quality galvanized wire or plastic coated wire, It has the features of woven simple, beauty and practical. It’s finish treatment is galvanized and plastic coated with long- time use and corrosion protection. They are widely used as protective fence in residential sites, roads and sports fields.

    There is three types of the chain link fence:

    * Hot dipped galvanized.
    * Electro galvanized.
    * PVC coated.

  • Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded Wire Mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire row welding, and then hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated plastic surface plasticizing treatment.

    To reach the mesh surface flat, uniform mesh, local machining performance is good, stable, good weather resistance, good corrosion prevention.

    Welded wire mesh style:

    * Hot dipped galvanized after weaving.
    * Hot dipped galvanized before weaving.
    * Electro galvanized after weaving.
    * Electro galvanized before weaving.
    * PVC coated.
    * Stainless steel.

  • Euro Fence

    Euro Fence

    Euro fence made of black annealed wire or galvanized wire, quality welded on each joint point, PVC ,PE or PP powder coated the surface by sulfide treatment, with good adhesion, anti-corrosion etc. The surface treatment also can be electric galvanized, hot dip galvanized.

    Materials: Low carbon steel wire, Galvanized wire, PVC coated wire

    Processing: Hot dipped galvanized wire or PVC Coated wire.

  • Border Fence

    Border Fence

    The fence with scrolled top for decoration, green color plastic coated on galvanized wire, Mainly used for garden decoration.

    Material: Mae of high quality iron wire.
    Processing: Weaving and Welded
    Product benefits Anti-corrosion, age resistance, sunshine proof, etc

  • Square Wire Mesh

    Square Wire Mesh

    Square Wire Mesh is made of galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire, it is widely used in industries and constructions to sieve grain powder, filter liquid and gas for other purposes like safe guards on machinery enclosures.

    Square Wire Mesh types:

    * Hot dipped galvanized after weaving.
    * Hot dipped galvanized before weaving.
    * Electro galvanized after weaving.
    * Electro galvanized before weaving.
    * PVC coated.
    * Stainless steel.

  • Field Fence

    Field Fence

    Field fence is made of high strength galvanized iron wire. It is the best fence for protecting grassland, forestry, highway and environments.

  • Post


    Fence post: Fence posts are used in a wide range of outdoor projects from decks to fences.

    Post type: Euro post, T post, Y post, U postStar picket.

    Euro Pipe Post is make of circular tube, galvanized and powder coated in green RAL6005.

  • Garden Gate

    Garden Gate

    Gates are made with the highest quality materials and welding processes. Welded before coating for higher protection against weather with the same corrosion resistance as fence panels. Our gates include high quality and durable components and a variety of lock options to suit different applications.

    Garden Gate types:

    *Single wing gate.
    *Double wings gate

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